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Find a flat in Warsaw from your couch or office — from Poland or abroad:

With Flatser, the all-inclusive, remote property service for Warsaw flats.


This is what we do for you


Finding the right neighbourhood

We help you make an informed decision, taking into account both hard facts — such as transportation times, crime rates and many more — and softer facts such as the atmosphere and feeling of an area.


Finding available flats

Given your area preferences, we screen all available flats, spanning all agencies and free flats directly offered by landlords — according to your budget requirements. We then present you with the best fits.


Doing flat viewings

If you are busy or do not (yet) live in Warsaw, we will remotely do the flat viewing for you. One of our employees will view the flat and live-stream a video of the viewing (or create a narrated video you can view later). If you want to see the flats yourself, we will schedule viewings of your favourite flats according to your preferences.


Negotiations, bidding, contract, payments, providing documents

Even after you have found your dream flat, we continue to make the process easier for you. We negotiate the rent with the landlord or agency and make sure all required paperwork is handled quickly and efficiently.


Advice session

Together with you we find the neighbourhood that is best suited to your individual needs.

Flat search

We search flats to your specifications and provide an overview in a single document.

Flat filtering

We make sure that all flats we send you are still available on the market.

Viewing arrangement

We arrange and schedule viewings according to your availability and preferences.

Remote viewings

We do flat viewings for you and provide you with online or live documentation of the visit.

Bidding & negotiations

We bid on your preferred flat and advise you on fair rental rates for the property.

Payment & documentation

We help you hand in necessary documentation remotely and handle payment processing.


Less rent

In many cases we help you negotiate lower rents with landlords and agencies. Over several months this translates into big savings for you.

Everything remote

You don't even need to be in the city to find the perfect flat with us.

Maximum convenience

No hassle for you. No need to know the Warsaw lettings market, no need for arduous internet research, no need for viewing scheduling, no need for lunch-break viewings.

Single point of contact

No need to call, meet, and negotiate with dozens of agents and landlords. With Flatser you only need one contact.


We will negotiate a fair rental rate for you; no matter if you are inexperienced in renting flats.

Your interest in mind

We exclusively represent your interests, not those of the landlords (like agents do).

Scam protection

We protect you from scam-offers.

A modular service

You pay only for the services that you really want and need.



Having moved from Germany to London, our founders Philipp and Bjoern experienced first-hand how complicated and time consuming it is to find a flat. After finishing university, they started Flatser to improve the flat search experience for others.

Bjoern Wolf Co-founder, CEO

Bjoern lived in different London boroughs, Germany, and Switzerland and is an expert on several flat markets. At Flatser, he is in charge of strategy, legal and general execution.

Philipp Reineke Co-founder, CTO

Philipp has lived in 10 cities on 3 continents and knows how difficult in can be to find a place remotely. Phil operates as a CTO of Flatser.

Bartek Błaszczyk Marketing Poland

Bartek has spent a lot of time to find a perfect flat for his studies. He manages the marketing activities of Flatser in Poland.


Free advice session

Modular pricing

Discounts for students



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Are you an agency?

No, we are not an agency, we are relocation specialists. We work across agencies and landlords. We do not rent or sell flats ourselves, we are in the business of making the flat search more convenient for you.

How much do you charge? What are your prices/service fees?

Our prices depend on which of our services you would like to book. For example, one flat report containing 10 flats within the next 10 days would cost 600 PLN. We will be glad to answer any questions during the free advice session.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

We accept

  • PayPal
  • Debit/credit card payments (via PayPal)
  • Bank transfers directly to our account

Do you offer discounts on your service fees?

We run different discount campaigns over the year. Make sure to ask our service agent if you are eligible for a discount during your free advice session!

Will there be costs after renting the flat in addition to your fee?

This depends on the flat you rent. Our charge is for the service of aiding your flat search. Any costs by agencies or landlords still apply.

Many agents will charge new tenants a fee for their services. Furthermore, agents and landlords will often ask you to pay part of your rent up front as a “holding deposit” (often about 2 weeks of rent) so that they do not give a flat you agreed to rent to someone else in the time until you move in. In case you change your mind about renting the flat, they will keep the deposit. Lastly, most agents and landlords will ask you to pay a security deposit (usually 4-6 weeks of rent) to cover potential damages in the flat that happen during your tenancy. We will advise you on any costs you may have to expect during our free advice session.

Will you charge more for groups looking for a flat?

No, the costs are per flat. We usually find flats for 1-5 persons. Flats for more than 5 people are more difficult to find in most areas. If your group is larger than 5 people just give us a call and we will advise you on whether we can help you find a flat in your desired area.

I would like to live in a flat with roommates. Will you find a roommate for me?

If you are already part of a group of people who would like to move in together in a single flat, we’ll be happy to find a flat for you. However, we can’t find any additional roommates for you. We also can’t place you in a flat that is looking for roommates. This is because finding roommates depends a lot on the chemistry between the different people involved. Unfortunately, that is something we cannot influence.

That being said, if you already found a flat with roommates and you would like to get a closer look at the place we will be happy to do a remote viewing for you.

I’m looking for a sublet. Is your service right for me?

Right now we do not offer search for sublets because their availability is limited and very seasonal. We will be happy to provide remote viewings for sublet apartments that you already identified.

What free services do you offer?

We provide a free advice session and market overview material. Just send us an email with your availability or questions.

What happens during your free advice session?

First we will give you a short introduction on how the Warsaw lettings market works. Then we will ask you for your living needs and preferences and identify areas that might suit your needs. We will also discuss whether your target rental price is realistic in these areas.

How long will you take to find a flat for me?

We can find flats for you in less than two days. That being said, we advise you to contact us as soon as you have made the decision to move to Warsaw. Flats are usually available up to a month before move-in date and the availability of good flats decreases after that.

Do you also offer remote viewings for properties beside flats?

Yes, we will be happy to provide remote viewings for whichever property you are interested in — including but not limited to:

  • Rooms in flatshares
  • Rooms in sublets
  • Rooms in student dorms
  • Flats that are for sale, not for rent
  • Commercial property/office spaces
  • Investment property